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Moscow, Russia

Fly in our private jet Malaysia to the the biggest country in to world, largest land mass, spread on two continents with its capital that should be on everyone’s bucket list! Private jet Malaysia to Moscow? Yes, please. 

Moscow is one of the oldest capitals in the world. It is the capital of Russia since the end of the 13th century and also political, industrial, cultural, scientific, and educational capital. There are so many things one can see here, from imperial history, architecture, ballet and other performing and modern art. And with winter just around the corner – no better time to visit Russia than now.




Bolshoi Theatre


Home to the opera and ballet under the same name, Bolshoi theatre is one of the most iconic landmarks of Moscow. Opened in 1825 and renovated in 2011, Bolshoi theatre’s grandeur is a feast fro the eyes and ears. It’s award wining acoustics makes it one of the most sought after opera halls to perform in. Some of the Russian classics were premiered here – from Tchaikovsky’s The Voyevoda and Mazeppa to Dmitri Shostakovich’s opera Lady Macbeth of the Mtensk District. All the costumes and props are made in Bolshoi’s own workshops – making them custom made and one of a kind. Each season they introduce up to 4 new ballet or opera productions. It’s mostly local performances only, with rare occasions of foreign shows.


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Surrounded by the Moskva River, Alexander Garden, Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Read  Square, Kremlin is the postcard picture of Moscow. Magnificent red colours of the walls cover with snow in winter are a sight to see. Walking around Kremlin is always entertaining – with street buskers, performances, Christmas markets and various designer and high end retails makes Kremlin the place to be for tourists wanting to experience luxury and imperial Russia in ease. In the past, Kremlin was Tsar’s palace – so there is no other place where you can experience how it was living like a tsar. Kremlin’s walls are more than 500 years old. It really is a walk through history.


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Triumphal Arch


Built in 1824, it is one of the oldest standing triumphal arch in Moscow and the world. Originally made out of wood, later was rebuilt out of stone and steel.  All over the world triumphal arches represent a victory and a new era. It is a sign of luxury and strength. One of the most iconic landmarks in Russia, the Arch is open to visitors everyday of the year. Stand in the paths of Alexander 1st. The remains of the old  arch structure are still visible to the right from the north entry in Great Cathedral, together with the fragments of the old moldings, cast-iron plaques with reliefs of military armour and heraldic devices, the base and the capital of one of the columns.


The State Historical Museum


With artefacts and numerous priceless artworks acquired by the royals over the centuries (specifically Romanov dynasty), The State Historical Museum is a must see structure. Not only that is an iconic landmark that was visited by all tsars from the late 1800s, it is also a most visited museum in Russia – and with reasons.The museum’s coin collection alone includes more than 1.7 million coins, making it the largest in Russia. In 1996, the number of all articles in the museum’s collection reached 4,373,757. For all the art lovers, priceless pieces that are only visible here are on display all year around.

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