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CEOs and various directors’ work is so challenging, that their salary most of the time matches the challenge. Having many responsibilities, an average monthly salary of a CEO in Malaysia is a bit over RM100k, with the salary going as high as RM700k* (based on PayScale’s findings). Divide that in hours, minimum hourly earnings of a CEOs are around RM600 – and if “time is money” this is why it makes sense to use a private jet in Malaysia when doing CEO’s business travels.

A CEO takes the biggest responsibility by having the majority of answerability for both success or failure of an organization, as any decision can potentially take a large toll on a company being both good or bad. Some of the job responsibilities of a CEO could be managing responsibilities, for example leading, guiding and overseeing the job performance of other highly ranking company employees such as the president and vice presidents. 

Besides, the CEO is also responsible for setting and forming strategies on how to address the direction of their company, as this is one of the more important parts of carrying the title of a CEO. It is the CEO’s job to make sure that all employees thoroughly follow these plans when it comes to all business decisions and matters that go on within the company itself. CEOs earn a great amount of money and can afford a luxury lifestyle away from the company, but the position comes with even bigger responsibilities and long hours that can be very stressful.


What does this mean for business travel?

Let’s say a CEO Tom is working for an international company based in Kuala Lumpur. He’s supposed to attend an important meeting in Dubai, together with various managers from Finance, Marketing, Sales, Production and others, totaling at 12 people. We have established how much an hour of CEO’s time is worth, but bear in mind, likeliness of a CEO working in a commercial jet and doing so efficiently are very low – while working in a quiet environment with his team in a private jet the chances of productive work are high. 

If they were to fly business or first class of a commercial airline, average price for a return ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai would be a shy under RM30k (which varies from day to day and could skyrocket up to 100%), which translates to RM360k considering there is enough first class seats in the airplane to accommodate those 12 people mentioned.  

Additionally, it is advised that they arrive to the airport at least 2 hours before the flight, which with the transportation time translates to about 3 hours or around RM2k per person. (because time is money!) This is around RM24k only for the departure from Kuala Lumpur. 

The flight itself is 7 hours long and, apart from ticket costs, these 7 hours are wasted as the management is not able to work together on projects. This equals more than RM50k cost the company will burden due to CEOs and manager’s inability to work while flying. 

Rough figures show that an average Kuala Lumpur to Dubai flight could cost a company more than RM500k.

What about private jet in Malaysia?

Although the price varies and is pure estimated based on many different airlines, and our estimate, an average trip for 12 people would cost CEO Tom’s company around RM420k. Not only that passengers on a private jet can arrive 5 minutes before scheduled departure time, the actual flying time is faster than those from commercial airlines. Besides saving money, private jet offers unparalleled luxury and comfort, something no commercial airline could ever offer. The rest time after private jet flights is drastically shorter than the rest after a commercial flight. To inquire about how much a trip anywhere in the world would cost you, click here.


  • According to the study by the independent researchers for Air Charter Service (ACS), used were case studies of top CEOs and the routes they fly to discover if companies could save by hiring a private jet.
  • Travel times were calculated using the fastest commercial flights available, and the assumption that an average CEO works 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year.
  •  By  avoiding traffic on the way to the commercial international airport, crowds at the terminals, public security lines and early boarding waits, flying by private jet in Malaysia can shorten the journey times by up to 50%.

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