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Why charter with Asia Jet?

Asia Jet offers plenty of charter options. Chartering a jet is the safest, fastest and most luxurious way of long distance travel one can do. Asia Jet is the only luxury Malaysia’s AOC holder, which means our aircraft is registered in Malaysia and follows all the strict guidelines within Aviation laws of Malaysia. Being an AOC holder also gives us exclusive rights to charter and fly domestically , as well as internationally, which is something NON AOC holders aren’t legally allowed to do.


Given the situation with the global epidemic we’re all facing and the dangers of COVID-19 spread, flying private with Asia Jet is the safest choice. On a recently conducted observation, we found that points of contact when flying with us is drastically smaller than when flying commercial. With Asia Jet, from the moment of chareting the flight to the arrival at the desired location, clients are in contact with around 9 people. When compared with commercial flights, where one is in indirect and direct contact with up to 1000 people. This makes Asia Jet more than 100 times safer in terms of points of contact with people.


Chartering an aircraft with Asia Jet is a simple process. Call, email or text us your desired time, departure and arrival location, together with your passport or ID and we will do the rest. After invoicing and payment, our clients are able to travel almost instantly – sometimes even within 4 hours of the booking. Our business jet is able to fly higher and faster than any commercial jet. This means our passengers can arrive up to a couple of hours faster than by flying commercial. 


No commercial jet operator gives you privacy and ability to fly in peace and with selected passengers. Our Bombardier Global 5000 allows clients to fly up to 15 passengers total on short distances and up to 14 passengers on long distance flights. With completely flat reclining seats, full divan beds and comfortable seats, Asia Jet keeps passengers fully rested and unaware of the length of the trips. With never ending food and beverages selection, ranging from fine dining to fast food, your taste buds are always satisfied.

About Asia Jet


Asia Jet is conveniently located in Subang Airport (Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport), with aircraft repositioning options, clients can potentially fly from and to anywhere in the world.

We operate independently since 2015.  Our team is always ready to serve you. We have pilots, flight operation officers, cabin crew, dispatchers and customer service operators available 24/7. Inquire today about your desired flights and let us serve you the way you deserve to be served.

Taking on the World, One City at a Time

We are able to take you anywhere and everywhere in the world. Global 5000 business jet falls under heavy jet category, with a range of up to 9630km non stop flight. Our private jet in Malaysia can take you from Kuala Lumpur up to Moscow directly. With that many direct and non stop flights, yours is only to choose.