What’s an aoc?

Air Operator Certificate (usually referred to as AOC) is a certificate issued by the aviation authorities around the world which allows local aircraft operators to transport passengers, charter planes and operate as a “standard” airline both domestically and internationally

It get’s “complicated” with private jet operators

Most of the private jet airlines around the world are operating privately owned aircraft. In a nutshell, the owner of a private jet is usually not the actual airline, but a third party who wants to lower the cost of owning an aircraft by leasing it to a private jet operator.

Often overlooked, these private jet airlines do not apply and comply with the government regulations regarding domestic flights – simply because they don’t operate on a scheduled flight plan.

Easiest way to check the country of registration is to see the tail number. For example, if the tail number begins with 9M it’s from Malaysia (just like our AOC), letter N is for United States of America, VN is for Vietnam, etc. If the aircraft is operating, it is probably registered somewhere, problem is where and are they allowed to operate in other countries?

according to AsBAA survey

Malaysia has the second-highest number of private jet flights operating without a valid air operator certificate (AOC) in Asia after China.

Asia Jet Partners Malaysia is the only luxury 9M AOC holder. We are able to fly domestically within Malaysia and Internationally to any major airport.

Flying with Asia Jet Partners Malaysia guarantees that all standards set by the CAAM are met. These include ground handling, crew training, aircraft maintenance, flight operations and others.


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